Strokes Art Gallery has always provided a platform for aspiring artists to showcase their work throughout the year. Our relationships with various institutions, universities and museums along with media support have brought about a successful presentation and interpretation of art, duly bringing fame to the gallery.

Painting as an art form dates back to drawings on the walls of prehistoric cave dwellings. Today, it is considered a ritual, devotion and decoration. Our gallery helps the artists invent their own visual language and strives to experiment with new forms and unconventional materials and techniques.

Over the past, we have exhibited our artwork of the replicas of masters, nature’s bounty. Our paintings adorn the private collections of many homes and corporate locations in metropolitan cities across India.

We also provide an opportunity for learners at our institute, Priyanka’s School of Art, located at the same address. We endeavor to bring out the skill and talent in our students and to recognize those who have the spirit and zeal to learn. We take pride in encouraging new ideas and imagination. Students at our institute are provided with various courses wherein they can choose their line of interest guided by proficient teaching.

To encourage students, we constantly hold exhibitions, among which “pot pourri” was one. It was held in 2009 bringing together lady artists between the ages of eighteen to seventy-five.

Later, there was “Aakrithi”, exhibition of lights. Colourful, designer diyas, painted pots and other articles were on display and also for sale.

Albert Pinkham Ryder, one of the earliest modern American painters, expressed his views of an artist:

“ An artist must live to paint and not paint to live”.